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The Concept Underlying Our Rotary Filters

In developing our fully automatic rotary filters, we took great pains to come up with a solution for all purviews off Water Treatments that is geared to practical needs.

All five products, i.e., models S01-7090, S02-7060, S05-5040, S06-5045 and S07-5030, were designed on state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems. The three models are based on the same concept. The rotary filters of all the sizes are made of stainless steel and are equipped with an emergency overflow. Our aim was to create a product that stands out through its excellent quality, long life, top-notch precision manufacturing standards and inimitable design.

It is only thanks to the use of laser-cutting machinery that we have managed to produce an extremely rugged drum construction that permits maximum flow rates in the smallest of space.

We have placed particular emphasis on the gentle removal of suspended solids and on easing the load on downstream biological filters. We take pride in announcing that we have succeeded in creating a product that will convince buyers not only by its price, but also by its extraordinary quality.

All our rotary filter models excel through

  • long life and solidity, thanks to high-grade steel
  • very small mounting depth
  • high flow rates at a compact size
  • a drum design (paddle wheel effect) that ensures gentle dirt removal
  • extremely low-stretch and resistant polyester filter screen
  • low-noise flushing action
  • emergency overflow to protect downstream equipment
  • low-maintenance drum drive, thanks to the use of gear motors
  • easy mounting in existing installations
  • high precision standards applied in their manufacturing
  • safety shutdown whenever the filter case is opened
  • cover mountable left or right at user's option
  • simple adaptation to the conditions existing in your installation via display panel entries
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